• 1/4 part of me: I want to be cute and delicate and have a petite body.
  • 1/4 part of me: I want to look smokin' hot and sexy in a bikini and have curves and a fuck you attitude
  • 1/4 part of me: I don't even care man I can totally eat all of that cake watch me
  • 1/4 part of me: I want to murder everyone and laugh as i bathe in their blood


take me to an art museum and stroke my hair and tell me im the prettiest thing in the room

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  • Book Jaime: Slowly understands that his relationship with Cersei isn't what it use to be. Begins to take seriously his position as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.
  • Show Jaime: Throws the White Book of the Kingsguard across the table to make room for incest.


life hack: remember to compliment people on qualities other than their looks. remind them of their kindness, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. tell them about how powerful and capable they are.

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omfg straight boys complaining about high waisted shorts and crop tops… have you SEEN a girl in high waisted shorts and crop tops?????? have u seen girls’ LEGS in high waisted shorts!???? have u seen a little peek of tummy in a crop top???????? what is WRONG WITH YOU

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i don’t get why people believe feminists hate men

i don’t get why a movement that is for women is so misunderstood to the point where it’s still about men

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'girlfriend' by avril lavigne came out seven years ago

hey hey
you you
i don’t like your fun fact

No way
No way
I think you need to stop that

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i want girls to question their sexuality over me and boys to fear me and animals to love me

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I have three moods

  • fuck you 
  • fuck off
  • fuck me

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